Save and Run as Many Timers as You Like

You can save as many predefined timers as you like. A predefined timer is a timer that is always ready for you to be run with just one click, no need to enter a name or duration every time you need to run that timer.

Running a custom timer, that is a timer that you do not want to save because you need to run it only once, is just as easy. Simply click on 'Start Custom Timer...', type in the duration you want, and hit Enter - that's as quick and simple as it can get.

There's also no restriction on how many timers you can run at the same time. It doesn't matter it you need to run only one timer or dozens, SimpleTimer will keep track of them and notify you once they're done.

Sync Your Predefined Timers

You can synchronize all predefined timers with all your Macs, and even with Pro Timer for iOS using iCloud!

Whenever you delete or create a new timer, change the name of one, its duration, or the order of how they are listed, those changes will be propagated to all your devices within seconds.

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