We tried to make Pro Timer as easy and intuitive to use as possible. But if there are still open questions or if you have suggestions or need additional help with Pro Timer, please contact us.

What is a custom timer, and how do I create one?

A custom timer is a timer that you need to run only once. It will not be saved and it will be gone once it's done or canceled.

You can create and run a custom timer by tapping the big timer button in the active timer view and then tap "Start Custom Timer" when asked.
A new view will pop up that asks you for the desired timer duration. Simply type the numbers you want and press the Start button in the top left corner.
You can also give this custom timer a name if you like so that you instantly see which custom timer just finished if you need to run more than one at a time.

How do I start a saved timer?

To start a saved timer go to the view that has a big button and tap on that button. A small window will pop up and ask you what kind of timer you want to run, a saved timer or a custom timer. Please choose "Start Saved Timer". A new view will now pop up from the bottom of the screen, listing all timers that you have created and saved with Pro Timer. Look for the timer you want to run and tap on it to start it.

Can I cancel or pause and resume a timer that is running?

To cancel a currently running timer go to the active timers screen and scroll through the list of running timers until you find the timer that you would like to cancel.

Each timer cell acts like a switch. Drag the timer cell horizontally, going from left to right, until the delete icon starts to glow red and then let go to let it snap back. This will stop and remove that timer from the active timers list.

To pause a timer you can drag the timer cell from right to left until the pause symbol starts to glow blue. Let the cell snap back to pause the timer.

To resume a paused timer drag the timer cell from left to right again.

I don't like the predefined timers. How can I change them?

To add, delete, or change a timer go to the Edit Timers section of Pro Timer. In the top right corner you will find a button labeled "Edit". Tapping this button will call a small window that will let you choose between adding a new timer or edit the existing list of timers.

Choosing "Edit This List" will switch the list of saved timers to an edit mode. You can now easily delete and rearrange the timers to your liking. Tap the "Done" button in the top right corner when you're finished to keep the changes.

Chosing "Create a New Timer" will let you, well, create and save a new timer.

You can also edit existing timers by tapping on them, which will bring you to that timer's edit view. In that view, tapping on the timer's duration will let you edit its duration, and tapping on the timer's name will let you change its name.

Don't forget to tap on the "Save" button in the top left corner of the screen to save your changes. You can also tap on "Cancel" to get back to the previous list of timers, discarding all changes you might have made.

I don't like the alarm sound. Can I change it?

To change the alarm sound go to the "More" section of Pro Timer. There you will find an entry called "Alarm Sound", tap on it.
You can now choose a sound from that list to play when a timer is done.

Does Pro Timer use iCloud?

Pro Timer uses iCloud synchronization to sync all your settings and predefined timers between your devices. Custom timers and currently running timers will not be synchronized.

You can even sync your predefined timers with SimpleTimer for your Mac, available at the Mac App Store!

You don't need to enable anything to sync your data, Pro Timer will do so automatically if iCloud is available on your device.

My timer doesn't always fire when my device is off or another app is running. Why is that?

Whenever Pro Timer is not shown on your device's screen it has to rely on Notification Center to tell you when a timer is done.

When you sleep your device or run another app, your device puts all apps that are not currently on screen in a suspended state to conserve battery life. This also means however that an app that is not on screen doesn't "run" any more, it can not execute any code while not on screen.

This is where Notification Center comes into the picture. Just before Pro Timer is put into that suspended mode it tells Notification Center when exactly all your running timers will be done and orders it to display a message and to play the alarm sound accordingly.

Unfortunately however, Apple gives app developers absolutely no control about how Notification Center displays these messages, the volume of the sound, or even if the messages are being displayed at all. This is usually a good thing, because it gives you, the user, full control over what Notification Center is allowed to bug you with. But this also means that, under certain circumstances, Pro Timer isn't able to notify you about a finished timer.

So if Pro Timer fails to notify you about a finished timer, go to your device's settings, tap on "Notifications", and try the following to fix the problem:

  • Make sure that "Do not Disturb" is not scheduled for the time the timer should be done.
  • While in "Notifications" look for Pro Timer in the list of installed apps, and tap on it. Make sure that "Notification Center", "Badge App Icon", "Sounds", and "View in Lock Screen" are all switched to "ON".

For more information about how Notification Center works please consult Apple's documentation.

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