Your Cycles

Lily will tell you exactly which rules it applies to evaluate your cycles, and why, as well as the results of these evaluations, and what they mean for your fertile and infertile phases.

Lily will also give you a list of tips and tricks you can apply to help Lily become even more accurate when tracking future cycles.

The Calendar

Navigating back and forth in time in months or even years is as easy as pie with Lily's calendar. While you can quickly go back and forth a few days from the main menu, the calendar allows for greater jumps in time while displaying the most important information like infertile days, the Peak Day, along with the cervical fluid, and the estimated period and the strength of your flow.

And, just like with the graph, you can tap any day to see a detailed overview of the data you entered for that day.

The Graph

The graph in Lily is where all the information you chart comes together to be visualized. Easily keep track of where you are in your cycle, see your temperature curve and access all additionally charted information for each day right in the graph with just one tap!

You can choose to display the graph horizontally or vertically.

Chart Your Temperature

Chart your body basal temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

When using one of its symptoms-based evaluation methods, Lily will use your entries to detect your temperature shift according to the rules to evaluate your fertility.

Track Your Period and Symptoms

Track and chart information on intermenstrual bleeding and your period such as the strength of your period and accompanying symptoms, like nausea or cramps.

You can easily start a new cycle with just one tap or use the graph's edit mode to tell Lily to start a new cycle for you.

Evaluate Your Cervical Fluid Quality

Your cervical fluid is an important indicator for your fertility. Chart your cervical fluid and its changes throughout the cycle.

When using one of its symptoms-based evaluation methods, Lily will use your entries to detect your cycle's Peak Day, the day with your most fertile cervical fluid quality.

Lots of Additional Tracking Menus

  • add details on your love life (with or without protection)
  • record interferences that may have lead to higher temperatures
  • record your mood
  • keep track of your cervical position, an important secondary fertility indicator
  • secondary fertility symptoms
  • make a custom list of symptoms you want to keep track of
  • track your medication
  • keep a diary of all things noteworthy
  • enter your LH/OPK test results to display them in the graph
  • track any pregnancy test results
  • optionally note your menopause symptoms

You can sort these tracking menus in order of your preference, and even hide those you don't need!

Light and Dark User Interface

Looking at a white screen first thing after waking up is not fun.

To be easy on your eyes, Lily can switch between a light and a dark theme, either manually or automatically, using your device's display brightness, or based on the time of day.

PDF Export

Sometimes it's really handy to have your charts available on paper. With Lily you can create incredibly detailed PDF documents within seconds, and send them via email to anyone you like. You can also print them using an AirPrint-compatible printer.

We bet your physician will love your printouts!

And Much, Much More

In addition to all the charting and tracking abilities mentioned above you have access to an extensive in-app help, see detailed statistics of the most important values and averages of all your cycles, you can manage your cycles, and get prompt and competent support from us with just one touch right from inside the app!

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We do not guarantee the method of birth control or pregnancy achievement as described on this web site.

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