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Charting the Cervical Fluid

There are three stages of cervical fluid: 'sticky,' 'creamy,' and 'egg-white'. Lily adds a fourth, 'nothing,' for when you neither feel nor see any cervical fluid for that day.

Keep track of all four levels, as the correlation between them will identify your so-called Peak Day.

Try to see what it looks and feels like (creamy, opaque, or clear, is it stretchy, does it feel wet or dry?).

Also pay close attention to the vaginal sensation. You might not see fluid, but still feel wet.

The four levels of cervical fluid quality are:

  • Nothing:
    no fluid, no vaginal sensation, or dry

  • Sticky (lowest quality):
    yellowish, white, looks like rubber-cement, stretchy but tears apart easily, itchy and uncomfortable vaginal sensation

  • Creamy (medium quality):
    looks like body lotion, creamy, sometimes cloggy, cannot be stretched, white or yellowish, accopanied by a cold, sometimes moist feeling

  • Egg-White (highest quality):
    clear, stretches up to 6 inches or more, slippery like lube, wet vaginal sensation, might even be like fluid, sometimes streaked with red or brown (small amount of spotting)

This might look a bit complicated at first, but it really isn't. Lily also has a built-in assistant that helps you select the correct values for each day.

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